Online Mastering Trap Music: B O N – I Do This

Check out the latest release from UK Trap duo B O N, mastered here at Vital Mastering. Don’t forget to follow them on facebook: Online mastering by Jack Braglia at VITAL Mastering

Power Metal Mastering: Svolnir – Million Years

Check out the latest track “Million Years” by power metal band Svolnir. Mastered right here at VITAL Mastering!

Hip-Hop Mastering: Positive Disturbance

Check out the latest release from Positive Disturbance! I really enjoyed mastering this one. These guys have some serious talent! Pick up their album “Chasing Distance” on iTunes:

How will my music benefit from professional mastering?

he goal of mastering is to bring out the best of your mix. Without it, you’re simply selling your mix short by not allowing it to reach its full potential. Additionally, you run the risk of having translation issues when your song or album is played on many different sound systems, of widely varying quality. A mastering engineer’s goal is …

What is Mastering?

  efore we discuss mastering, lets cover the preceding stages of the production of a song or album. There are a number of stages involved, but by far the most important stage comes first: songwriting. A song is nothing without great songwriting and arrangement. Many of today’s musicians tend to forgo this process, relying more on mixing and production tricks …