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Welcome to Vital Mastering, the private online mastering studio of mastering engineer Jack Braglia, located in Queens, NY. Vital Mastering provides affordable and high quality mastering services online, bringing the studio to the artist.

Mastering is the final stage of the audio production process, where important enhancements and final adjustments are made. Attention to detail is absolutely vital. Your recordings will be carefully mastered in our acoustically calibrated room, using state-of-the-art analog gear and digital processing to ensure optimal playback performance on all listening devices. Our mastering experience includes a wide variety of genres; everything from Jazz & Hip-Hop to Heavy Metal, Rock & EDM.

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    Our hybrid analog-digital studio is equipped with a hand-picked selection of high-end analog gear and digital plug-ins. Gear List

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How will my music benefit from professional mastering?

The goal of mastering is to bring out the best of your mix. Without it, you’re simply selling your mix short by not allowing it to reach its full potential. Additionally, you run the risk of having translation issues when your song or album is played on many different sound systems, of widely varying quality. A mastering engineer’s goal is to ensure your mix translates well in the car, the club, the hi-fi audiophile setup, and even the tiny PA system at your local supermarket. Your mix deserves to sound great everywhere, and not just the room it was mixed in and the speakers it was mixed on. If you take your music seriously, professional mastering is absolutely VITAL.

What is Mastering?

Before we discuss mastering, lets cover the preceding stages of the production of a song or album. There are a number of stages involved, but by far the most important stage comes first: songwriting. A song is nothing without great songwriting and arrangement. Many of today’s musicians tend to forgo this process, relying more on mixing and production tricks rather than on an excellent song and performance. In my opinion this has led to the overall decline in the quality of today’s music, but I’ll save that for another blog post.

After the songwriting stage comes the recording and mixing stages. The band or artist spends many hours, days, or even weeks laying down tracks at the studio. A skilled recording engineer will use the ideal microphones, preamps, and mic techniques to capture the performance in the best and most accurate way possible. These recordings are then taken by the mix engineer to create the final mix down. This is the point where most people would assume the production is finished. The songs are recorded, mixed, and ready to go. So what’s next? The mastering stage.

The mastering engineer works with a stereo mixdown of the song/album, utilizing a number of techniques to enhance and put the finishing touches on the mix. These techniques include compression, equalization, and limiting. A skilled mastering engineer will use a careful balance of each of these techniques to improve upon the mixes, correcting any tonal balance issues that may be present, adjusting dynamics for increased loudness (when needed), and enhancing various elements of the mix such as punch, clarity, depth, warmth, and stereo spread. The end result is either a transparent master of a great mix, or a significant improvement of the overall sound of a less-than-perfect mix. Nearly all of today’s commercial releases have benefited from quality mastering treatment by a skilled engineer.

Finally, the mastering engineer prepares and sequences the masters to be sent out for duplication, either to CD, vinyl, or iTunes MP3.