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Vital Mastering is the private online mastering studio of mastering engineer Jack Braglia, located in Queens, NY. We provide clients with an attentive audio mastering service available online, offering professional audio services to the independent music community at affordable rates.

Your mix will be carefully mastered in our studio using high-end analog gear, and digital processing to ensure optimal playback performance on all listening devices. Our mastering experience includes a wide variety of genres; although Metal is our primary focus.

Online mastering rates as low as $45 per track for albums, and $60 per track for singles. Visit the Services page for a full list of mastering rates.


We also offer a Free Sample Master to all first-time clients. You can feel confident you’ve chosen the right mastering studio for your project by testing out our services before you commit to place an order.

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Audio Mastering Samples

rates as low as $45 per track

Mastering Rates:

1-2 tracks: $60 each

3-4 tracks: $55 each

5-8 tracks: $50 each

9+ tracks: $45 each

Includes unlimited revisions and WAV file delivery.

Mix Update: $20

When changes are made to your mix after mastering, additional mastering will be billed at this rate.

Alternate Mix: $30

Alternate mixes such as instrumentals, radio edits, vocal up/down versions, clean versions, etc., will be billed at this rate.

Short Tracks: $30

Short tracks such as intros, skits, or any track around 1 minute or less, will be billed at this rate.

Stem Mastering: $100

Not happy with your mix? Send us your stems and we will balance your tracks to get the most out of mastering. Stem mastering fee includes a maximum of 6 stems. Additional stems will be billed at $20 each. Stem mastering includes unlimited revisions and WAV file download.

MP3 Files: $30

Includes encoding of ID3 tags with album art.

DDP Image: $50

“Digital Master CD” used for CD duplication.

RedBook Master CD’s: $60

Includes 2 PMCD’s for duplication and 2 reference copies. Shipping is free within the US. An additional $20 will be charged for international shipping.

Gracenote Database Submission: $20

We will submit your album info to the Gracenote database for you. This way, your album info will appear in iTunes the first time you play the CD.


Additional Services We Offer

Mixing: $150+

Our online mixing rate starts at $150 per song for very basic mixes. The rate can increase for larger and more complex mixes. An average mix of around 16 tracks can be between $300-400, and larger 20+ track mixes can be $500+.

Contact us to discuss your project and get a price estimate for your mix.

Audio Editing:
$2 per audio-minute

We provide audio editing services for voice-overs, audio books, podcasts etc. Billed at $2

 per audio minute, with a $60 minimum.

Contact us to discuss your project.

Noise Reduction:
$30 Per Hour

Noise reduction services are billed at $30 per hour, with a $60 project minimum. This service includes reduction/removal of tape hiss, ground-loop and other electrical noise, pops, clicks, distortion and clipping.

Contact us for a specific quote on your project.

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